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Serious Gaming: games to train knowledge and skills

You use Serious Gaming whenever you want to train your employees on specific knowledge and skills. Learning by doing, that’s the starting point here. In our 15-year history, we have been able to develop and run Serious Games on, among others, the following subjects:

•    Leadership: connecting, keeping track, inspiring and getting the best out of your people
•    Proactive selling /sales: learn more about your customers and advise them
•    Communication: various conversation techniques, listening, communicating clearly
•    Knowledge transfer: enrich your insight into a certain business

Participants learn valuable insights in an innovative, creative and interactive manner. Also for Serious Gaming our games can be adapted to suit your specific issue and/or industry. Ask us without obligation about the possibilities or a customized offer. A game in another language is possible too!

Why Business Games?

Based on that notion, we organise interactive Live Business Games for communication and learning projects, employer branding, process and change management and teambuilding.
We believe that people are the driving force of successful organisations, but we don’t believe in training based only on one-way traffic. By means of interaction, collaboration and directly experiencing do’s and don’ts in an energetic live simulation, we stimulate people to get the best out of themselves and others. That gives us (and the participants) energy!
Over 15 years of experience
Professional guidance
Unique concepts
Customized to your company
References from over 300+ companies
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The Connection

Data quality and information transfer

In this Serious Game, the participants learn why good information transfer and the right qualitative data are so important. It deals extensively with the collaboration between departments and their inter-dependency. What has to happen for us to realise the final goal together?
Data quality Game »

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The Banker

Banking Game

What issues come up when running a business, in this case a bank? Participants experience it at first hand during the Business Game, The Banker. Do they estimate the risks correctly before closing a deal? And who makes the most profit and wins this Serious Game?
Banking Game »

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The Marketeer

Sales and Marketing game

Work together with your customers and both get better for it. That is the starting point of our sales & marketing game ‘Sales targets’. How do you create a win-win-win situation where all involved profit from it? This Serious Gaming model is available in several themes.
Sales & Marketing Game »

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