Client: Philips

Target group: All regional managers

Goal: Experiencing ‘Growth and Performance Culture’

Description: Philips Lighting Asia organized a 2 day workshop for all its regional managers to introduce the Accelerate Program, a program design to create a “growth and performance culture”.

To effectively introduce this “culture” Philips has identified a set of behaviors which should act as change drivers. These behaviors are: Eager to Win, Take Ownership and Team up to Excel. During the first day of the workshop Philips introduced these new behaviors to its managers via a set of presentations.

In order to maximize the impact Philips asked Business Games to run a game in which the managers could experience these new behaviors. At the end of day 1 we organized a Philips Formula One game which allowed for maximum interactivity and an immediate need for the managers to show their new behaviors.

“Amidst the chaos and drama, we really had a lot of fun and which helped the group to relax from the intense and stressful day! I also like how the organizer tied the concept of the game back to the theme of our meeting and helped me to understand the new behaviors.” (A workshop participant)

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